Uit brokstukken, tekstfragmenten en audio en video snippers bouwt Esther in All That Matters is Where I lay my Head een nieuwe lezing op, over het oor, ruimte en de geste.

"Sound, like Proust’s famous madeleine, is a fragment of a remembered past, addressing our deep-seated auditory memory and transporting us back to a particular place in time. I hear the sound of boat engines and again I am back in Zaltbommel, but I am not the same. As an artist working with sound, I have several strategies available to me if I wish to analyse this curious transition: expose the composition of the memory – engine hum, creaking, wind – or reflect on its qualities as a sonic phenomenon. But I choose neither option and instead attune myself to the poetry of the memory: the sound of the boat engines, the creaking and the broken silence of the night in Zaltbommel. I receive the transmission and let it operate upon me, carrying me off in a different direction."