Esther Venrooy (NL) Aurélie d’Incau (FR) Ole Nieling (NL) Miriam Willott (UK)

Master Apprentice Project TAC Eindhoven 3 maart-19 maart

‘…an image is the presence of the thing in its absence, trace implies that the thing (the imaged) is never entirely present; it is never present in any simple sense.’

 In ‘Image différée’ nodigt Esther Venrooy drie jonge kunstenaars uit voor een collectief onderzoek naar de aanwezigheid van het ‘ding’ in haar afwezigheid. ‘Image différée’ is geïnspireerd op fenomeen van de ‘echo’, een akoestisch verschijnsel waarbij een klank terug naar de bron wordt gekaatst. Een echo is geen exacte kopie van het geluid, maar je kunt het wel onafhankelijk van het origineel waarnemen. Voor deze tentoonstelling vraagt Esther om het idee van een ‘eindproduct’ los te laten.  Samen met Esther zullen de studenten vijf dagen de ruimte van TAC innemen en bespelen.  En in plaats van een afgewerkt product tonen we werk. ‘Image différée’ is een experimentele ruimte waarin we op zoek gaan naar situaties die verwarrend, grappig of misschien wel riskant zijn.



Lecture/talk with Joseph Kohlmaier & Esther Venrooy

Thursday March 16, Carré, LUCA School of Arts, Campus Gent, Alexianenplein 1, Gent (BE)

In 2003 Art Center deSingel in Antwerpen launched the Curating the Library book and library project on the initiative of curator Moritz Küng. Every month for seven years two speakers – architects, choreographers, composers, philosophers, artists, writers and theorists – were invited to introduce their favourite books and then to leave copies of them in a library. This constantly expanding collection was housed in a sculptural container designed by Richard Venlet, which he had originally produced for the 2002 Sao Paolo Biennale to display his own work in. Afterwards, at the M HKA, he used the container for solo exhibitions by artist friends. And finally, at deSingel, the mirrored sculpture became the face of Curating the Library. For seven years it accommodated a collection that ultimately totalled 1557 books. In summer 2009 the sculpture finally had to make way for the new public circuit that took shape as part of the extension of deSingel with the new ‘Beel’ building.

Since february 2017 Luca School of Arts, campus Gent Fine Art has accomodated the mirrored space and the library to hold readings, interventions, performances, etc. For this edition we have invited Joseph Kohlmaier (AUT) and Esther Venrooy (NL).



- A residency at Abdij Waasmunster in collaboration with Wim Lambrecht and Caroline Voet

- A publication 'Umwelten of artists. Umwelten of Architects" with Isolde Vanhee, Annelies De Smet, Ine Meganck, Lucas Devriendt, Joseph Kohlmaier, Sarah & Charles, Matthew Kneebone, Paul Elliman, ...

- A publication my Phd project in collaboration with Allon Kaye and Clodagh Kinsella

- A music release for the series 'Eliane Tapes' - an hommage to Eliane Radigue in collaboration with Sietse van Erve

- A music release "selected works 2009-2017"





This limited edition publication is a documentation of the Spectral Sounds exhibition and contains a USB device including sound works by Gilles Aubry, Raviv Ganchrow, Jacob Kirkegaard, Christina Nemec, Lucas Norer, Robert Schwarz and Esther Venrooy.

Printed in offset technique on high quality design paper the publication gives an insight into the project. Each commissioned sound work is presented separately providing more detailed information on concepts and ways of production. Together with the digital sound pieces the publication allows the reader/listener to experience the project in a new form - in this way the release serves as an artwork on its own.

Published in a limited edition of 100.

Spectral Sounds compositions by Gilles Aubry, Raviv Ganchrow, Jacob Kirkegaard, Christina Nemec, Lucas Norer, Robert Schwarz, Esther Venrooy 

Texts & images by: Gilles Aubry, Raviv Ganchrow, Jacob Kirkegaard, Christina Nemec, Lucas Norer & Doris Prlic, Robert Schwarz, Esther Venrooy

How to order
Order here: http://spectralsounds.net/publication
Price: 12 EURO (includes free shipping within Europe). Outside Europe please get in touch via office@spectralsounds.net



with the essay 'On the process of becoming silent and listening'

Sam Belinfante and Joseph Kohlmaier, eds. The Listening Reader

The Listening Reader brings together a number of essays that explore the role of sound and listening in the context of contemporary art. They engage with the specific timbre that the act of listening, and the paradigm of sound bring to the practice of artists; how this paradigm is present within a broader discourse, including the creative arts, sciences, philosophy and politics; and how art that begins with, or requires listening circulates in the world of the art gallery.  The texts in this anthology emerged from conversations, talks, and performances by a number of artists, curators,and writers whose work was presented at, or contributed to the making and public programme of Listening, a Hayward Curatorial Open exhibition that toured the UK from September 2014 to March 2016. It includes previously unpublished essays and contributions from Ed Atkins, Sam Belinfante, Mikhail Karikis, Joseph Kohlmaier, Brandon LaBelle, Ed McKeon, Imogen Stidworthy and Laure Prouvost.