* 8, 9 & 10 September 2017 'Getting out of the Paté' Mixed Media Atelier Roel Kerkhofs and Esther Venrooy at Documenta Kassel, in Art Space Interim, Hauptbahnhof/Kulturbahnhof, Franz-Ulrich-Straße 16, Kassel An invitation by Jacob Birken en Tanja Schomaker. Exhibiting and sharing work is a crucial part of an artistic process to understand the relationship between the individual and his/hers surroundings. Mixed Media Atelier organises public moments with a dynamic and highly diverse group of people discovering new forms, configurations, and practices ... always in search of mystic truths*;) as a fight against loneliness*;)

* 14 > 30 September 2017 presentating a new audio installation at 'Tendencies' BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival, Bruxelles (BE). This edition of Tendencies is dedicated to female artists.

* Spring 2018, Exhibition in collaboration with artist Hans Demeulenaere and writer and performer Volkmar Mühleis, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL).

* Spring 2018 - 'Umwelten of Architects & Artists', publication with art critic Isolde Vanhee, artist Annelies De Smet, painter Lucas Devriendt, graphic designer Ine Meganck. With essays by Arjen Mulder, Joseph Kohlmaier, Emi Kodama, Sarah & Charles, Estelle Boelsma, ...

* 11, 12 & 13 May Course de poétique - Musarc & Joseph Kohlmaier London - 3 days event.

* Spring 2018 - First publication based on my PhD dissertation in collaboration with Clodagh Kinsella and publisher Onomatopee, with the support of LUCA Research Fonds.

* Fall 2018 - an opera project in collaboration with artist/performer Maja Janter. More details will follow...

* 17-19 August a new work for Sanatorium Dźwięku Festival in Poland