Transfiguration of Steel

Three transducers, wooden panels and beams

in collaboration with Hans Demeulenaere

Ateliers Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

(21 November 2009 – 21 January 2010)

I created the audiovisual installation Transfiguration of Steel during a three-month residency at Ateliers Frankfurt between November 2009 and January 2010. The work was created in collaboration with Hans Demeulenaere and was inspired by the IG Farben Building (or Poelzig Building) at Goethe University Frankfurt. I became fascinated by the immense reverberation in the cafeteria, formerly IG Farben’s exhibition hall. Field recordings made in the cafeteria of the IG Farben Building are mixed with electronic tones and noises generated by computer, which result in a sound work with inner complexity and constantly changing patterns. The title refers to the tubular steel construction technique  first pioneered in this building.