Esther Venrooy is an artist/composer working in the field of sound and installation art. Her works range from purely electronic composed music to improvised combinations of electronica with traditional instrumentation such as piano, guqin, pipa and satsuma-biwa. She has created site-specific works as well as multimedia performances and installations.

Esther Venrooy has performed her music extensively for audiences in Europe, Asia and United States. Since 2008 she frequently collaborates with visual artists Hans Demeulenaere, creating site-specific installations.  Other collaborations are with Ema Bonifacic (architect) and Olivier Goethals (architect) Femke Gyselinck  (choreographer), Min Xiao-Fen (musician), Wu Na (musician), Kato Hideki (musician), Lander Gyselinck (musician) and Heleen Van Haegenborgh (musician).

Apart from her artistic activities, Venrooy is a lecturer on 20th century Music, performance and experimental arts at the Ghent school of fine arts, where she also runs atelier Mixed Media. In november 2015 she received her doctorate degree 'Audio Topography - on the Interaction of Sound, Space and Medium' at LUCA/KULeuven.


Sound has the ability to move people and bring them together. Growing up in Zaltbommel, I was affected by the sounds of the boats. The aim of my art is to keep on reconstructing that experience, that emotion, that amazement, that magic. I hope that the insights I have gained into the relation between space and sound will help me to achieve this. Not just for myself, but as a way of connecting with other people, of meeting others in the middle and witnessing their humanity. Of exchanging not only sounds but also emotions.