Image différée 

Apprentice Master exhibition #9:  A collaboration with Miriam Willott (UK) Aurélie d'Incau (LU)  // 3 - 19 March 2017 Temporary Art Center, Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

‘…an image is the presence of the thing in its absence, trace implies that the thing (the imaged) is never entirely present; it is never present in any simple sense.’

In ‘Image différée’ Esther Venrooy invites three young artists for a collective research into the presence of the ‘thing’ in her absence. ‘Image différée’ is inspired by the the ‘echo’, an acoustic phenomenon where a sound is bounced back to the source. An echo is no exact copy of the sound, but one can observe it independently of the original.  For this exhibition Esther asks to let go of the idea of the ‘end product’. Along with Esther the students will occupy and play with the exhibition space in TAC for five days. They will show work rather than finished products. ‘Image différée’ is an experimental space in which they seek for situations that are confusing, funny or perhaps risky.

1. Jean-Paul Sartre, quoted by John Lechte in essay ‘Immediacy and the Image’ (sept 2012).